Who We Are


Usizwano cleaning services is private company which was formed in 2016 our strategy is to be aware of challenges within the cleaning industry in order to better structure the company in such a way that it best serves the customers needs


As a company we are committed to add value to your business by conducting our business in the most professional manner possible by conducting regular training for our empoyees and ongoing dupervision programs




Our mission is entrenched in a single sentence "Commitment to Quality".

At Usizwano Cleaning Services we are committed to providing each client the service they demand in order to keep their offices as meticulous as desired.

Equipment, chemicals and consumables are carefully selected from reliable and reputable suppliers in order to ensure the best quality within acceptable cost structures. In this way quality is maintained.




Our cleaning process at Usizwano is largely based on evaluation. This allows us to employ our services on a case to case bases taking into account the uniqueness of each clients requirements. We will evaluate your cleaning site and requirements utilizing an approach that ensures that we have understood all issues affecting your cleaning needs. We then present a tender to you which details the specified cleaning requirements along with costs and recommendations. Upon your satisfaction our relationship begins taking into account all the terms and conditions of our cleaning relationship with you.


Our Services


  • Sealing
  • Stripping
  • Deep Cleaning
  • Event Cleaning
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Specialized Coating
  • Commercial Cleanign 
  • Exterior Windoe Maintenance
  • Full service cleaning of building and office


At Usizwano Cleaning Services we understand and acknowledge that our success depends on our ability to generate sufficient interest in our services and we know that such interest largely depends on the quality which we provide for each and every client and as such each clients satisfaction is recognized as our success as a company